Detach from the Corporate Mindset.
Access Your Heart.
Lead with Wisdom.

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The Joy Manifesto offers a transformative model of evolution that makes joy the apex of authentic leadership. Happiness, and the pursuit of it, is insufficient to productively drive the change the world needs. Leaders deserve a more holistic and humanistic mechanism of leadership that ensures that their heart smiles back at them for leading well.

This book is the guide, motivation, workbook, and accountability partner that leaders need to actively detach from the toxicity of The Corporate Mindset and walk back into the journey of their heart, where their own brand of leadership can be named, honored, and centered. Now is the time for each leader to be liberated from the version of leadership that they were taught that they had to fit into, and be re-centered on who they are truly meant to be as guided by the wisdom of their own heart.

The model of leadership offered by renowned joy coaches Dr. Jax ML Black and Tomer Yogev illuminates how self-love serves as the truest compass for every leader to best navigate a constantly changing world, in life and in business. Beyond personal development, this model also delivers the bottom-line results for organizations. Through empowerment, not management, the hearts of all leaders are freed to bring their wisdom and drive continuous innovation for the type of success that inspires evolution beyond the win in each moment.

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