Because every heart deserves partnership on the journey into joy.

Tomer and Dr. Jax are Vitamin C for leaders and your growing organization. A vitamin, not a bandaid.


Dr. Jax Black and Tomer Yogev, a married couple, have become two of the most sought-after executive coaches thanks to their genuine, contagious passion and radiant energy. Their journey to The Big Joy Theory was set in motion after a skydiving trip, where they both had a revelation. As they hurtled through the air, snugly tied to a trusted expert, they realized what all leaders should embody: security, trust, and confidence.

Following this, Jax and Tomer first created TandemSpring: a coaching center that empowered leaders to break free from the corporate mindset, find and own their strengths, and become the trusted instructors of their own lives.

As they watched more and more leaders elevate through their work, Jax and Tomer realized there was one more critical component that came out of their own lived experiences: joy. So, TandemSpring became The Big Joy Theory, where they now guide leaders to become their whole selves through the journey into joy — and land in their own authentic leadership presence, transcendent, and empowered by the wisdom of their heart.

Want to learn more? Read more below about The Big Joy Theory’s model of joy and how it can change lives and organizations, or schedule a time to meet with Jax or Tomer using the link below.


The Big Joy Theory’s model of transcendent leadership has helped leaders to tap back into the incredible power and wisdom of their joy. Detached from the corporate mindset, leaders learn to access their hearts and lead through the wisdom of their joy. Empowered from within, they become able to achieve their truest authentic presence and highest level of performance, each and every day.

The business performance of our clients speak for themselves as the impact of our model goes well beyond self-love, confidence, and good feelings. Time and resources are saved, productivity increases, profitability is maximized, and, most importantly, leaders continually elevate as their senses of self-awareness, self-expression, and self-efficacy in joy hones their authentic leadership presence to the benefit of all.

Moving into joy is not just a mindset shift, it is a way of living and leading in the world in which leaders can breathe, stay healthy and true to themselves, all while getting great work done. Moreover, joy is not happiness, it is whole self. And, joy is the key to tie together engagement, empowerment, and productivity for the highest benefit across individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.

Don’t try to have a life where you hope to have joy IN what you do.
Create a life where, at all times, joy IS what you do.


Transcendent Leadership Guidance is a methodology that empowers leaders beyond the moment and fully contextualizes leaders in their own becomingness through the joy of whole self. 

In a deficit-oriented world, joy is the new data that leaders can leverage to name, center, and honor their authentic leadership presence. When leaders are whole, their path of evolution illuminates itself, brimming with all of the intentions, learnings, creative opportunities, and innovative ideas that allow their heart to smile back at being fully and truly them.

This is what transcends each leader from trying to survive the leadership journey to elevating into their own sense of who they are as a leader in a way that fuels continuous breath, self-love, and wisdom. This is what transcends leadership from something that is outside of you, in your brain, to the power of everything within, in your heart.

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize… Breath and be free.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh


Wait to get to joy and you will chase it for a lifetime.
Leaders choose joy to stop chasing it.

Choosing joy is about you living and leading in such a way that your heart continuously smiles back at you for being you, every day.

Jax ML Black Joyfully Kicking


I carry the heart of joy in all that I do. After 40 years of living and leading into my strengths, beating corporate models of leadership at every step of the journey, I elevated from Chicago’s top Maximizing strengths-coach to the nation’s leading speaker and transcendent leadership guide on joy. From the heart of my joy, I speak to the souls of leaders in ways that illuminate just how relevant their own self-love, heart-felt wisdom, and joyful radiance are to the bottom line of everything that they do.

It does not matter if I am working one-on-one with a client, guiding the leadership of an organization, or speaking to audiences of dozens or even hundreds, I am constantly working to convey that the journey into joy is about naming, centering, and honoring the ways in which your heart has led oh so well in this world already. I work with leaders of all stripes so that they can understand the unique ways in which they lead by unlocking the data from the other half of their soul and creating authentic pathways to bring the power of their joy to the world. This is not about fighting against the system or even tearing it down. This is about building pathways of systematic joy, from one heart to the next.

Tomer Yogev Smiling Into Camera


I am always looking to make things better. First, it was businesses and processes, but I came to realize that the true driving force of my joy comes from helping hone, refine, and hack other people’s lives by introducing them to the power of understanding their own joy. Formerly a successful entrepreneur, technologist, and executive, I channel the same instincts that have always lied deep in my heart to help others to redefine their lives and roles in it to bring forth their own wisdom and ingenuity.

As the Joy Hacker, I work with clients one-on-one and teach courses to guide leaders to transcend well beyond what they originally thought possible. I transform the audacious and insurmountable into mere child’s play, and make the exponential growth that leaders seek, be it business or personal, a reality. I work with leaders who already understand their joy to elevate and transcend such that their joy no longer is something that they simply think about, but rather, something that they live and breathe, in every day, in everything that they do. I bring peace, comfort, direction, and guidance to those who are truly trying to do something else, something transformative, something revolutionary, to this world.