Welcome to the Center of Joy!

“Everything happens in cycles. From the growth of people, animals, and communities [and organizations], to the weather—cycles help define our relationships with all that surrounds us.” Even the accumulation of knowledge [and the creation of wisdom] happens in cycles. –

To understand that everything is a cycle is to know that we are one. The continuous evolution of you is a cycle that brings us into oneness and from there offers us the ultimate perspective to truly, see, hear and feel all that is in us, around us, for us, and with us.

Because of this understanding, four basic tenets of guidance are:.

  1. Guidance is about each soul, deep in their heart, having the partnership that they desire on their journey of evolution,
  2. Guidance requires those who are guiding to be in their breath so fully that the wisdom of their heart can speak with a clarity that is life-giving to the cyclical flow of each leaders evolutionary journey
  3. Guidance is a model of co-creation that is rooted in heart-to-heart connection and elevated in the wisdom of who we are when we are one, and
  4. Guidance requires that guides hold sacred that the journey of joy; growth and evolution, be a choice in every breath.

With these tenets held firmly in our hearts, we offer the following:

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