The Joy Papers

When it comes to feeding your brain with bullet points and theoretical models, that’s what whitepapers are for. These are NOT whitepapers. These are Joy Papers.

The world has become increasingly disconnected from its wisdom as we collectively choose to value that which is outside of ourselves. Understanding academic research, for example, of course, has value. But, so too does understanding your internal data: your wisdom and your joy within. To best engage with any external data we must first have a clear grasp of our own data. In other words, when you understand who you are, your wisdom, your joy, how and when you experience joy, and what it looks like to explore leading through joy across various aspects of your life, only then can the your personal power as well as the power of external data that comes from whitepapers and research be fully realized. 

The Joy Papers aim to provide you with the frames and tools to explore the power of your joy in a way that unlocks your own data on who you are as a leader, operating in whole self, and joy’s many applications to your life. Every which way you turn your wisdom on, who you are, and how you have already led so well can all be dynamically transformed by your approach to how you live and lead in a constantly changing world with profound bottom-line results. 

Not a White Paper – A Joy Paper


Leading from your joy within flips the game of the Corporate Mindset on its head in ways that are frees you into the best version of the leader that you have always wanted to be. 

Learn all about The Big Joy Theory’s framework and model, how we differentiate from Happiology, and understand at a deeper level why we do what we do, how we do it so well, and what you and your organization can expect through joy!

Decolonizing Joy


The biggest challenge to unlocking our joy within is that the very notion of joy has been coopted by white supremacy, capitalism, and competition. 

Learn about the core power of joy that is within each leader. It is time to decolonize joy and reclaim the power of joy in our hearts as the mechanism for growth and development, leadership, and innovation. 

Cultural Joy


Have you ever felt like you are never going to get to the real crux of the cultural conversation – the part about what it means to live and thrive as a cultural being in this world? 

The Big Joy Theory’s approach to cultural dialogue through joy provides an incredibly broad and profound approach to renorming cultural truths within cultural, diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion efforts. Learn how to transform these seemingly difficult topics into a joyful conversation of opportunity, sharing, and growth!

Entrepreneurial Joy


If you are not investing in joy then what are you really investing in? What are you truly bringing to the entrepreneurial journey if you aren’t bringing your whole self and that of others?

Joy and Entrepreneurship may seem like disparate concepts, but isn’t that exactly the problem?! When we learn to leverage joy, true innovation follows. If what you want is to truly get the very best out of any entrepreneur, then we’ve unlocked the secret, and, surprise, the key to it all lies in Joy!

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