About InnerLit Studios

Jax BlackJax Black, PhD is an artist binging the flows of joy to the world. Joy is your heart smiling back at you being you. Her light shines bright for you to see and honor the full flow of your own heart of your heart shinning. The journey into joy is the flow of breath, heart-centered leadership, the radiance of self-love, abundance, inner peace, and light.

At Big Joy Theory, Jax and her partner Tomer Yogev speak to the illuminations of joy that innately flow when self-love is centered as the foundation for self-awareness. InnerLit Studios is the ultimate flow of the expression of Jax’s heart as she smiles back at her own journey of self-love reemerging from the dark space in her soul where she had to hide her light to survive her family, her education, her community, and this world that tried to render who she was by universal design irrelevant before she even walked off the playground.

InnerLit Studios is the creative exploration and physical manifestation of the journey into joy. Each unique piece reflects an aspect of Jax’s own journey into joy, from the breath she had to find to ever realize that she was a flower born to grow and not a warrior tethered to the battlefield of struggle that other people had created for her to never do more than survive, for her to find the abundance and inner peace she now lives in, as the world still fights all around her. Fight to not fight to never fight again is the wisdom of her soul’s truth. This wearable art is humbly offered as a call for every soul to be liberated from the notions of struggle that surround it. It is a path for every heart to be free to move as the universe calls them to. It is to honor that which is most important in life: that every soul breaths fully and freely to its highest potential in this world. It is to be inner lit.