Future Founders Friends & Family

For a variety of reasons, not least of which is my move to Charlotte, NC, I’ll be taking a step back from working directly with Future Founders as an EIR. However, with so many wonderful relationships with previous fellows, staff, and friends & family of Future Founders, it was important to me that I left easy opportunities to have sessions with me available to those who want them. As such, I’m delighted to present Big Joy Theory’s FFFF Program (Future Founders’ Friends & Family).

In short, this page will remain live for those who I’ve gotten to know and love through Future Founders for discounted sessions ($175/hr instead of $350).

I know for some of you, due to fundraising and operational finances, it is easier to purchase a year’s worth of sessions. So for you, I’ve created a package at an even cheaper rate ($150/hr or an additional 14% off) for 12 sessions (one per month for a year).

Last, for those that even at this discounted rate it is still too pricey for you, please get in touch with me directly so we can setup any necessary special dispensations.

Otherwise, much love to all of you and I’m looking forward to (a) staying in touch, and (b) formalizing our time together to make it direct and a bit more “real.”

In joy,