Elevate Then Expand

Elevate then expand to light the path of evolution. Elevation is a journey of ensuring that you know and are ready to lead from a higher, if not the highest, you. There the air is clear, and as you breathe you filter any toxic energy you may encounter into light. Elevation is how you bring your best self to life, in all that you do. However, because of the corporate mindset, many people have been taught that the journey of elevation is not for them. They are not afforded the time or space to elevate. They don’t have the degrees to elevate. They are not healthy enough to elevate. They are too emotional to elevate. They are not perfect enough, yet, to elevate. They have to know that their child is safe, family safe, and community free before they can elevate. None of these are true.

However, people do get about living and leading from a place of expansion in the name of trying to get beyond the struggle to freedom. Social media has made it accessible and relevant for anyone to put their energy out into the world from wherever they are in their soul’s journey. Every frequency, from darkness to light, has been given a platform and a megaphone. More people having a greater voice in this world is, broadly, a good thing. However, there is no accountability that the person speaking, tweeting, and influencing, is at all coming from a place of knowing who they are, let alone knowing how to love themselves, let alone a place of wisdom. So, while this is not a commentary on the freedom of speech, it is a declaration to set a boundary that darkness does not offer the liberatory power of light. Hate is not love. Hate speech is not freedom of anything or anyone. It is just a person who does not know how to love themselves trying to gain power in the dark where they feel all alone. So expanding in darkness, dimly lit spaces, or under storm clouds is only an expansion into a different type of struggle. Expansion without elevation is just an ego trying to fight for relevance in this world, wounded or otherwise, trying to be seen, often by any means necessary. I typically say that there is no cliff in your soul that one could ever fall off of, but expand without elevation and you just might find yourself falling.

Further, if you don’t elevate high enough before you expand, you can easily clip your own wings. With wings clipped, you will move from a place of lower frequency where your own inner light will not be able to shine at the frequency of your wisdom. You will fall out of relationship with your heart in a way that will compromise your capacity to trust yourself to ever move from a place of self-love. Another way to say this is that to expand before one elevates means that you opt out of elevation and are choosing to operate at the level that you are already at. Whatever demons are with you or around you will remain, for they will hear your choice to not elevate as permission to stay right where you and they already are. You may even find that unfortunate slippery slope into dark corners that eventually lead to that very cliff that everyone is so scared to fall off of. Either way, it is at lower frequencies of evolution where people stop abiding by their own wisdom that would otherwise light their path of liberation upwards and onwards. Instead, many begin to collude in the dimming of their own light. Participating in behaviors that dim one’s light invites coping through competition, frustration, anger, and ego all of which lead to a path of lower frequency that one will not be able to simply elevate out of when the time is right, when your own humanity calls for more than just surviving.

Elevate first, then expand. Move through the world remaining elevated in your inner breath, divine light, and universal wisdom. The journey of elevation might take you past the same dark spaces, but you won’t be beside those same corners, you will have elevated above them. You would never be close enough to the edge of any cliff to ever fall in. That is why it is critical to elevate before you expand. Come across a fallen angel who is trying to move through the world with control, manipulation, escapism and you will intuitively move in the other direction, along the path of you breathing with your whole heart. When you move in the elevated space of your whole heart and therefore full breath your movement through the world becomes informed from a place of self love and the need for strategies to gain power in the world around you will all seem unnecessary. The path of expansion cannot be made more comfortable in the name of compromise, struggle, overcoming, or freedom until one is elevated high enough to freely expand from a place of full breath and whole heart.